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The first all-online degree program for adult women from Bay Path University.

Introducing The American Women’s College, the first all-women, all-online accredited degree program from Bay Path University. Bay Path is a private, non-profit institution founded in 1897.

We all thrive in positive environments.
You will be surrounded by other goal-oriented women like yourself. Working together, you will be pushed and challenged to find your voice and confidence.

A support system is critical to success.
Call it a village or a sisterhood, we have actually created an encouraging and social community online. It’s no wonder we have completion and satisfaction rates that far exceed the national average.

Women still wear more hats.
Family. Job. Kids. Online courses provide the flexibility and convenience you need to manage your studies as well as your life.

Women still earn less.
We provide the empowering leadership skills you need to succeed in whatever career you pursue.

The American Women’s College represents the very best of what it means to be American: diversity, openness and opportunity for all.

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Our experienced counselors will help you find the best path to earn your degree.


The American Women’s College is accredited and approved by the following organizations:

What are people saying?

“This program was perfect! I could fit it into my life. I was still able to work full time and be involved with family events.”
Amanda C. ’14

Financial Aid & Scholarships

The American Women's College is committed to helping all women earn an undergraduate degree. That is why we offer a number of financial aid and scholarship options.