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Academic & Events Calendar

Check out our academic and events calendar for important academic deadlines and upcoming events. The American Women’s College has six accelerated sessions per year so you can start whenever you’d like. Our 6-week sessions allow for one week off between each session, a two-week break at the end of the calendar year, and approximately six weeks off in the summer. This allows our women students time to relax, regroup and re-balance other demands in their lives – while still completing up to 36 credits a year.

View all of our upcoming academic sessions here:

2015 AWC Session Planning Schedule


View upcoming academic deadlines and educational events below:

Fall Session 1 Begins Thursday,
September 10, 2015
Fall Session 1 Ends Saturday,
October 17, 2015
Fall Session 2 Begins Thursday,
October 29, 2015
Fall Session 2 Ends Saturday,
December 12, 2015
Fall Session 3 Begins Thursday,
January 7, 2016
Fall Session 3 Ends Saturday,
February 16, 2016