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The accounting program at The American Women’s College provides you with the essential business skills and technical knowledge needed to be successful in the accounting profession. The comprehensive program includes a broad foundation of core business courses to develop those fundamental business skills essential to succeed in today’s dynamic business environment.

A rigorous, in-depth study of accounting focuses on the practical application of fundamental theories and the broad range of diverse functions today’s accountants perform so you are prepared to succeed in a wide variety of jobs within the accounting profession.

Few careers offer as wide a range of positions as the accounting profession. Every business, regardless of its size or structure, relies on the accounting function and the services of CPA firms. Individuals with accounting training often advance into upper level management and executive positions. Accounting careers are both challenging and rewarding and include positions in public accounting, corporate (managerial) accounting, taxation and government & not-for-profit accounting. A minor in accounting is an excellent complement to a major in legal studies, business and a great background for graduate school.