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Bachelor of Science in Cybersecurity

The ever-increasing use of the internet and mobile devices by individuals, businesses, and governments has led to a surge in cybercrime, hacks, and attacks. Every individual and organization is increasing vulnerable to data mining, theft, and cyber assaults designed to shut down and cripple critical systems. Women who track these criminals by their digital footprints have one of the most rewarding and lucrative careers today.

This program allows women who may never have done anything like this before to learn to detect and analyze crimes from their laptops. This career appeals to the woman who loves puzzles and finding clues. If you spend hours trying to figure out clues, you should use these talents to assist law enforcement agencies, and federal and state criminal investigations. If you are the one who loves figuring out “who did it” and “how did they do it,” this is the ultimate mystery.

Even more, it gives women the chance to protect their organizations and communities and even their children from cyber criminals. That’s why it is an especially strong program for women already working in banking, accounting, criminal justice, law, psychology, education, or forensics.

This program has hands-on classes with real problems to solve in a total of eight lab-based courses. This experience is both fun and challenging with faculty support every step of the way. This applied intense approach allows students to compete for positions typically requiring years of field experience.

The Bachelor of Science in Cybersecurity has one major:

Also offered is a:

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