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Bachelor of Arts in Psychology

The Bachelor of Arts in Psychology degree is designed to prepare students for further study at the graduate level or for employment in a wide variety of settings. It is the objective of the program to provide the student with a well-rounded education in the basic principles and methodology of psychology. Emphasis in all programs is placed on the traditional perspectives, knowledge of research design, understanding the etiology of normal and abnormal behavior, human development, appreciating the mind-body connection, problem resolution, as well as critical reviewing of literature and writing in the APA format and using library and information resources.

The Bachelor of Arts in Psychology offers majors in:

Also offered:

By completing the degree in Psychology, the successful student should be able to:

  • Distinguish between the various perspectives in psychology.
  • Utilize vocabulary specific to the discipline.
  • Display knowledge of human motivation, cognition, and perception.
  • Recognize normal physical, social, cognitive, and moral development.
  • Identify the etiology of abnormal development.
  • Recognize and identify the etiology of psychological disorders.
  • Demonstrate awareness of the variety of treatments available for psychological disorders.
  • Apply up-to-date research skills utilizing a wide range of materials, both printed and electronic.
  • Prepare manuscripts or research projects utilizing the APA format of writing.
  • Apply skills learned in the classroom and fieldwork experience to communicate a personal philosophy and value system appropriate to a career in Psychology.

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