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Student Services

Accommodations for Students with a Disability

The American Women’s College and all of the colleges and schools of Bay Path University are committed to providing equal access to all students in all programs.

Students with disabilities who wish to request reasonable accommodations must register their request, as soon as possible after program acceptance, by contacting:

Marisol Cruz
Campus Director, Longmeadow Site
Bay Path University
1350 Main Street, 7th Floor
Springfield, MA 01103
Phone: 413.565.1151
E-Mail: mcruz@baypath.edu

Reasonable accommodations that may be made by the University depend on the particular needs of the student as supported by documentation and may include: additional time to complete tests, course work, or graduation; recording of classes, use of a note-taker/scribe, audio books and modification of test taking/performance evaluations.

Students who received special educational services in secondary school through the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) are not automatically qualified for post-secondary services. IDEA entitles school age children with disabilities to a free, appropriate education designed to facilitate successful learning outcomes. The rights of post secondary students are governed by Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and also the Americans with Disabilities Act. These are civil rights statutes requiring that all post secondary institutions make reasonable and necessary modifications to rules, policies, and practices to prevent discrimination and ensure access and opportunity for students with disabilities.

Such reasonable accommodations must not compromise the academic integrity of the College or the student’s educational program. Equal access and opportunity generally means the same access and opportunity available to the general student population. Accommodations will meet the particular needs of the requesting student. However, accommodations cannot compromise course goals, standards or essential course content, or impair the rights or opportunities of other students.

All reasonable accommodations must recognize the right of faculty to determine the content and academic performance standards in the classroom and related course work. To discuss your particular situation and needs, please contact Marisol Cruz at the email or phone number listed above.